The life of a Human Diary! Why am I a human diary..? I’m not sure. I think people enjoy talking to me about all their drama because I have none of my own. My drama days have been over. I realized that what is meant for me will be for me. I promised not to force anything and honestly that was the best decision. It opened my eyes to those who really matter. It helped me through my dark days. For a long time I was annoyed when people came to talk to me about their problems. I felt like the single friend that people spoke to because I had nothing better to do. I know better now, but surrounding yourself with all the wrong people can do that to you. With that being said  I definitely have stories of my own.

The purpose of this blog is to bring real life day to day struggles that I go through, but also the struggles of my family, friends, and strangers to light. The anonymity of each story creates an open, positive, and inviting space for people who want to share their story without having to putting their business out there.

I’m also creating this space for myself. I am my own Diary.