Dear Diary,

I always thought the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf was interesting. Boy lies about wolf attacking his sheep until it actually happens and no one believes him. It’s a story to teach people not to lie, but I thought it was hilarious. No I don’t think his sheep dying is funny, but I laugh because the boy just wanted attention. His attention seeking caused his sheep to get attacked with help from no one because he was a liar. This leading to my topic of discussion. A lot of people cry wolf.

I’m so tired of people crying wolf. This is for my ladies, but I’m going to address the men first. Stop giving these women false hope. They don’t need to think they’re the one to only get embarrassed when you cheat, have a wife, have another family, or have simply led her on. Stop apologizing if you don’t mean it and if you do stop making the same mistakes. She most likely loves you so why take advantage of that. Why peel off every layer of her until she has nothing left to give someone who can actually love her unconditionally. And to the men who stay with the girl using him for all his money, ain’t got a job, doesn’t have any of your kids, and hasn’t cooked one meal for you.. just stop. You deserve better, unless that’s what you want.

“Mrs. Sparing Your Feelings is dead and gone.”

Now ladies, I don’t know why you stay or pretend like you are going to leave when deep down you know if these dudes changed up that second you would give him another shot. I am tired of all of you crying wolf. Every other week you’re in a fight with your dude and decide that you are done. Just stop! If you want your friends to take you seriously when you actually mean it don’t say it after every fight. Don’t you get tired of saying the same thing every time and your friends saying “yah right”. You know once he apologizes and changes for 3-7 days you’ll be right back in his arms spending money on that dude. Stop saying you’ll leave because we know you’re lying. You want to tell us what your significant other did.. I get it, but be honest. We still talk to you after you told us the last 10 times you were leaving. I’ve reach my breaking point with all of you. Mrs. Sparing Your Feelings is dead and gone. I actually have no time for any of you and your antics. I refuse to allow you crying wolf folks disrupt my peace. If you ask my girlfriends they’ll tell you I always say when I see it I’ll believe it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been the girl who has cried wolf. I haven’t cried as many wolves as some of you females who are still with the guy that disrespected you, cheats on you every night, and doesn’t mind your children, but I have cried wolf when my desire to love someone outweighed my love for myself. I WOKE UP.

Be honest with yourself. Tell yourself that you’re not ready to leave your dude. Whatever it is that makes you stay with your dude, accept it and accept that you stayed this long after seeing all the red flags that Wally British told us about. I’m not hating I swear. I’m just tired of hearing everyone say they’re done when they’re not. Like I mentioned before I’ve been that girl. I did the whole I’m done spiel, but I accepted that until I was completely done I wasn’t going to talk to anyone about being done. I knew in my heart that I was not ready because I wanted more from a man not willing to give it to me honestly. I learned to love myself and let that shit go. I stopped crying wolf because I’m almost positive that my friends got tired too. The awesome part about loving yourself is acceptance. I saw my friend go from crying wolf to accepting that she wasn’t ready to leave. I didn’t agree with her decisions, but I respected it because she was honest with herself.

The importance of self-love is crucial to being genuinely happy day in and day out. It took me a long time to experience self love. I let a lot of people, jobs, and situations consume me into hating life. I didn’t think I was good enough for love or anything good for that matter, but I started spending more time with myself. No one changed how I felt about myself. I literally found myself by losing all the toxicity in my life. I looked for validation of myself in other people and when I stopped truly caring there was a wave of energy that seeped into me that… it helped with my spiritual growth. I’m still growing, and still learning more about self love, but what I can say is crying wolf is never worth your peace. Be content in every decision you make!

I’d like to leave you with famous cried wolf lines:

“I’m honestly so done this time. I’m never speaking to him again.” 

“He can’t ask me for anything again, I can’t believe he did this to me again.”

“She slept with my boy, fuck that B****.” 

“Babe, I’ll never do it again. You know you mean the world to me.”

“This is the last time, I swear.”