Dear Diary,
I’ve been pondering about relationships and what cues I give to men that tell them I’m interested. I’m known to speak with my face so I often wonder if “damn he’s fine” is written on my face… I hope not or maybe I am hoping my face gives everything away? Anyways, I’ve never been vocal about my true feelings for a dude unless I was reciprocating how he felt. Maybe I can’t take rejection? That’s besides the point, I’m always so oblivious to when men try to pick me up. They say girls always know, but I honestly don’t. I can pick up hints, but I’ve always been a “show me how you really feel” kind of girl.  I’ve been with guys that have made an actual effort to get my attention. I noticed that guys like attention. They want girls to chase them like a game of cops and robbers. I’m not that girl which may explain my dating life, but the real question is; how do you know when someone is interested in you.
I asked a few friends and it came down to how they look at you. Your eyes will snitch on you, friends. Do you ever see the girl who can’t directly look you in the eyes, but when she does she seems nervous? She probably likes you. Make your eyes meet and bam she’ll be hooked. The shy girl will like you!
Girls who are extroverts tend to be vocal about their feelings. You won’t have to guess whether or not she likes you. Total score!
As a female I often wondered if a guy was interested and my BFF told me something that stuck. He said “If a guy wants you under no circumstances will you have to guess his feelings.” When a man wants something he goes for it. You also have to mindful of men looking to use you. Knowing the difference between a man who is interested and a man who wants you for something specific is important. The lines may be blurred at times with people who don’t know what they want, but it’s up to you to ask questions that make it clear. Bottom line is if you need to question whether or not someone wants you they probably don’t. Conversations are important, so lets start talking!