I always tell people that in order for them to get over one person they need to get under another. Some may disagree but, that is how I work. Allow me to explain further; I needed to get over Dan and his abusive ways and then Henry came, just in time, to distract me from falling prey to Dan’s need of me.

Henry and I talked for quite a while and eventually added one another on social media. We would spend hours talking everyday and I was definitely falling for him. The first time we met one another we had sexual intercourse and it was amazing! I am not referring to him having a big piece; although it was amazing, it was more about the way he made my body feel. It was breathtaking! Hands down he was the best I’ve ever had. He was bomb! After our first intimate encounter we began to hang out every single day.

I know some of you are probably wondering what has happened to my husband but, at this point we were sleeping in separate rooms. However, after two weeks of dating Henry I began to receive texts from a random number, and the person was telling me everything about him. On a side note, Henry had mentioned to me prior to me receiving these messages that he had a stalker that would; message every girl he was dating, as well as himself and his baby mothers but, I didn’t think that they would have messaged me. The stalker began the messages with: “Hi, do you know Henry? If you do, just know he had chlamydia, he has a girlfriend, and he’s having sex with a 17-year-old.” I hadn’t responded since Henry informed me that it was the stalker. I never questioned him about how the stalker got my number because he told me that this was something that the stalker did all of the time.

I was stupid in love *Rihanna voice*.

A few days later, I received a call from his phone and a female voice answered, she stated that she was his girlfriend, so I hung up. He proceeded to call me 2 minutes later but, by then I was fuming. I was puzzled so I asked him why he was calling me, after his girlfriend had just answered his phone? He seemed confused and went around his house asking his mother and son if someone else was in the house and they said no, so I let it slide because I was already falling deeply for this man. I didn’t question anything he told me because I believed him when he told me that he wanted to be with me and wanted to build a life with me. Later he revealed to me that the stalker had given him Dan’s number and he told me that the stalker had access to my entire phone. This bitch was psycho! 

Henry and I were busy having too much fun enjoying one another! We were on good terms and I was letting him cum inside of me. He kept telling me that I was going to have his babies. However, I was still unhappily married to my husband who didn’t want to have kids and I desperately wanted them. In my head, I kept reassuring myself that if he continued to cum inside of me that there would only be a 30% chance that I would get pregnant. He had wooed me with the fact that he was a single father, and had sole custody of his child. Although he had been to jail prior to me knowing him, it turned me on since I had never dated a guy who was “hood” so to speak. I wasn’t use to this type of man because I had only ever dated guys who were from the suburbs. He drove a sexy car, had a good job, and wanted to see me every morning.

However, I began noticing that money had been going missing from my bank account, so I called the bank and they had informed me that the missing money was in fact not actually missing and they were due to me making atm withdrawals. They also informed me that there was a recent atm withdrawal that happened when I gave him my card so he could buy gas. When I confronted him about it, he acted like it was no big deal and told me he needed it for his son. When I think back to that moment I can’t believe I let this man basically steal from me and act like it was okay. I was stupid in love *Rihanna voice*.

After some time I began spending time with his son and I paid for everything. I was telling my friends that he had paid for things and I even went as far as telling them that I had paid for a movie date because he kept paying for everything. I think I just wanted to tell the truth, but I added a lie in there. I didn’t want my friends to taunt me and taint the way I felt about him or instill doubt about my new man; and paying for everything didn’t bother me because I wanted the life that he was painting for us.

The messages from the stalker continued, but I didn’t care at this point. I went to his house one night and he was drunk. I was already aware that he had a problem with alcohol when I noticed that he never drank anything without alcohol in it. He would drive around inebriated all of the time but, you could never tell he was drinking. When I got to his house that night I didn’t lock the door behind me and I remember overhearing a girl on the phone and seeing the last four digits to the phone number of the female voice that was saying, “Who is that? Henry who is that?” On one hand I was mad at him after overhearing this womans voice but, on the other hand he assured me that he obviously didn’t care about her if I fell asleep on her. So I left the issue alone and after about an hour I heard someone come into the room. My eyes were closed but I could feel as though they were trying to pinch him awake; he wasn’t responding, he didn’t wake up. They flung the sheets off and shined a light on my face. I was still trying to wake him up underneath the sheets. I hadn’t open my eyes because I didn’t know who I was going to face and it made more sense to me to keep my eyes closed. My friends and sisters have disagreed with my decision, but it felt right to me, at the time. I’m not confrontational at all and I’ve never been in a fight before. 30 minutes after the figure left I got a call from a girl saying I should have stabbed you. I woke him up immediately and he didn’t believe what I had told him until he went outside and saw his tires had been slashed. I instantly knew that I made the right decision not to open my eyes. She would’ve stabbed me. I paid for his tires to get fixed because he said this happened because I never opened my eyes to see who the stalker was. Henry was convinced that it was the stalker who had come into the house. The next day we spent the whole night in his car waiting for the stalker. I couldn’t stay at his house anymore because his mom caught us having sex, which I should have found alarming because he told me that it was his house that he shared with his mom. I thought it was cute that he wanted to wait outside for the stalker to come. He was trying to show me that he was a protector.

A couple of days later we got into a huge fight because I wasn’t able to pay for his sons back to school supplies; Henry wanted me to treat his son like my own since we were going to be starting our lives together. I thought it was ridiculous and immature that he didn’t want to talk to me because I didn’t have the funds to pay for his sons school supplies. I was upset to the point that I asked my friend to be with me when I messaged the stalker to ask her to give me the girlfriends number and it was the same 4 digits that I had seen the other night. It was the female speaking to him the night someone came into the room. I called his supposed girlfriend. Actually, I asked my friend to call the girlfriend with me on the phone. After our conversation I learned that it was her who pulled the sheets off that night as well. She told me everything about him, she knew that; he drove a rental, had no job, and that he told her he only talked to me to use me. So I decided to spill all of the tea to her because, this man was playing the both of us. She seemed so sad, but I didn’t care at that point, I just wanted to know what was really going on between them.

Eventually, Henry and I made back up, and he informed me the girl claiming to be his girlfriend was lying about almost everything. Although, my friends believed the girl, I chose to continue to see him, I saw him making payments for the house as well as the car, so I ended up giving him money for his sons back to school supplies. I decided that if I wanted to start a life with this man I needed to start to treat his son like my own. Henry also revealed to me that his son started to hate me because he was expecting me to pay for everything and I had backed out last minute. 

Its crazy that all of this happened in one month of meeting Henry, but during the entire time Dan and I had been sleeping separately. One day Dan left to go back home for a little bit and Henry was there every night. Two days before Dan came home I found out I was pregnant.