During highschool I had made a bet with my cousin that I could become a vegetarian; we never discussed a timeline for this bet because he didn’t think I could do it. This entire bet began because my cousin’s girlfriend at the time was a vegetarian and if my memory serves me correctly her brother was about to join her lifestyle, so I decided to take the plunge to be a vegetarian myself. I stayed committed and was a vegetarian for 2 years. My sister jokes with me now about my level of pettiness since I took it upon myself to extend the bet for 2 years, but I’m not petty at all. I’m competitive! That’s the difference. The reason why I decided to be a vegetarian for so long was not based on the animal rights issue, as I was still putting chicken gravy on my rice and consuming fish.  I was experimenting a lot with food because I felt that I had too, but my family made it easy for me. We ate fish a lot and my mom would even cook me separate meals to accommodate my lifestyle.

The reason why I started eating meat again had everything to do with my health and the fact that I was tempted with meat every time I went to work. I wasn’t eating healthy which caused me to gain a lot of weight and I worked at Harveys’/Swiss Chalet which happened to be one of my favourite places at the time. Since then I’ve tried to adopt the vegetarian lifestyle many times, but was never successful. My friends doubted me but I told myself that I would one day be vegetarian again. Yet, I never considered being a vegan because cheese was life. Then, life smacked me in my stomach one afternoon after I consumed some cheese and it kindly reminded me that I needed to go to the bathroom. Yep, that was it for me as I was becoming lactose intolerant; I could not keep cheese all the way down, but I still ate it though. I was a poutine lover, pizza lover, or for lack of a better term I was an anything with cheese lover! Although, last week my friend had linked up with an old friend of theirs that is a vegan and since we’re both on the glow up path, she suggested that we go vegan for an entire week together. I was all for it because it was only going to be for a week, so I thought to myself that this was not going to be bad at all. As we can all recall I’ve gone meatless and carb less for longer so this was going to be a piece of cake (without eggs). During the days leading up to Sunday March 12th 2017 I was still eating meat; and at 11:46pm on the night before my vegan week journey,  I consumed a ton of chicken wings, to prepare of course for, what I had anticipated to be a dreadful week.

Day 1: Sundays are blog, gym, and relax days. I was finishing up my blog so I didn’t think about breakfast; and when I was done, I went to the gym but, I only had a banana (bad idea). My friend and I went shopping after to prepare for our week(bad idea number two, if you’ve ever grocery shopped on an empty stomach then you know what I mean). My first official vegan meal was BBQ pineapple rice, which I didn’t eat until 6pm. What my friends didn’t know was I began to feel light headed and dizzy when I was laughing up a storm with them. I felt as if I was going to pass out because all I had that day was a banana, BBQ pineapple rice, vegan cookies, and chips my friend had offered me at her house. Day 1 was not successful.

Day 2: I had a better day on day two since, I had started the day with oatmeal for breakfast and packed my very spicy BBQ pineapple rice to eat for lunch. My work day was okay and I had packed a banana, and 2 tangerines for a snack. They were delicious. For dinner that night I had something similar to a vegetable bowl that I saw on Instagram, it consisted of sweet potato fries, topped with chick peas, red peppers, celery, and a avocado/spinach sauce that I had made. I also added vegan cheese which I find quite disgusting. I am not a fan of the vegan cheese because it leaves an awful aftertaste in your mouth, but eating it alone is not that bad. I decided to make pasta for my lunch the next day. All in all Day 2 was much easier because I was actually prepared.

Day 3: By day three I was singing praises that the vegan life was for me; in my mind I knew that I could do this for a while. On this day I had met this woman at my work who was also a vegetarian and she didn’t look a day over 50.. but in actuality she was 71. It wasn’t a shocker to me because she was a black woman (and we know that black don’t crack) but, the guys at my work were mind blown. I was set because lunch was prepared the night before but, dinner changed everything for me. I hadn’t look at any vegan recipes because I decided that I would wing it. So, I put sweet potatoes and carrots in the oven and figured that I’d make something to go with it; I mixed up some veggies with pineapple and it turned out to be amazing. I couldn’t even save the rest for dinner. I ate it all! In that moment I also realized that I would need to prepare more food for my next few working days. It is safe to say that day 3 turned out great!!!

Day 4/5/6/7: At this stage I knew that I was going to be extending my vegan week. I was unsure about how long I planned on sticking with this, but I love making all of my own meals. I still have a lot to learn, but I have developed meal plans for the upcoming weeks. Please note that being a vegan and staying healthy is not cheap and I am not a frozen vegetable kind of girl; besides I love sweet potatoes and fresh spinach. The last 4 days of my week were spent eating clean and flushing my system free from all of the toxins. I feel amazing! My skin has started to get its glow back. Unfortunately, I have also come to realize that I was posting all of my meals on Snapchat and wasn’t saving any pictures of my amazing food.

To conclude, my week as a vegan taught me a lot about my body and the importance of needing to take this journey in an effort to feed my mind, body, and soul; as my body was in need of some proper nourishments. Am I a full out vegan? No, not at all. I’ll be completely honest with you guys and state that I’ve only adopted the eating part of being a vegan. I know that I’ll use eggs for my hair, honey when I’m sick; but with me being a fashion lover as well as a lover of leather and fur, I see this transition into being a full vegan will take me some time. I believe that I will eventually adopt the vegan lifestyle but, for the moment I am conscious of what I am eating and under no circumstances do I believe that animals should be treated inhumanely. For now I will state that I grew up eating meat but, I have cut that out temporarily. I believe that vegans live a rich life and I want to live a rich life (I deserve it). Being a vegetarian is more than being opposed to animal cruelty for me. I would be lying if I stated that this was my reason for choosing to be vegan. Though, I have seen the videos of how milk is made (which I have stopped drinking btw, as I was never too keen of a milk drinker anyway) I have also seen various slaughtering videos, which have turned me off of meat for a period of time but, my love for the taste of it made me continue eating it. But now, since my week long journey as a vegan has been such a success the image of meat leaves my mind after a while. I’m making a conscious decision and effort to be more aware of what I’m feeding my body and my mind. Going vegan is my new journey that I intend on adopting as a lifestyle with time. Choosing to become vegan to me, means more than being conscious of what I put into my body, it also allows me to be more aware of what I use on my body, how I nourish myself on whole. My life lesson from week one of being a vegan would be to take care of your body it’s your vessel, your ship, your ride through life. Nourish it with water, eat your vegetables, meditate, and be active! Bob Marley Vibes to the world folks! BMV to the WORLLLLL!