Heyyyy, I’m Scream. How did I get the name Scream? Honestly, I gave myself the name during a dark period in my life. I bottled all my emotion until one day I felt the need to scream. The name fit and ever since then it stuck with me. I’ve always expressed myself through words. I started writing a journal, then I started writing songs, and later I dove into poetry and fiction. After taking a break from writing I entered the world of fashion and photography. I am a creative. There is nothing about art that I don’t enjoy. I consider myself a writer for the people, but also for myself. This all led me to The Life of A Human Diary, which is a collection of stories about the lives of other people and opinion pieces. It’s about me so expect everything ART. I’m known to be very blunt, but its always with love and sincerity. If you’re looking for someone to give you vodka with no chase then I’m your gal.